Full-Page Takeover

Full-screen rich media for instant brand awareness

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High-impact advertising that demands attention

Full-Page Takeover combines rich-media elements with lightning-fast video to create a high-visibility ad spot that delivers effective brand messaging and performance.

How it works

When a user visits one of the many sites within the AdSpruce Publisher Network, your Full-Page Takeover campaign gracefully overlays the page the user is viewing. Featuring advanced streaming technology your video is guaranteed to start playing as soon as the Full-Page Takeover opens, providing an unparalleled brand experience that captures the attention of your audience.The user can close the ad at any point, ensuring a great user experience while providing your brand with highly qualified views and clicks.

Complete Creative Control Of Your Mobile Advert

Make a lasting impression

Unleash your creativity and give your brand the voice it deserves. Full-Page Takeover gives brands and advertisers the technology and freedom to craft a lasting advertising experience that engages users and at the same time provides lasting brand messaging.

With the option to add multiple interactive elements and a video, this high-performance, platform-agnostic ad spot ensures a lightweight, lightning-fast and engaging ad message.

Enhanced Mobile Video Advertising User-Experience

The benefits

  • Full-screen guaranteed viewability and engagement
  • Multiple click options to drive customer acquisition and social engagement
  • Hugely customisable, rich-media ad spot
  • AdSpruce is the only provider to offer genuine in-line autoplay video on iOS devices
  • Achieve multiple KPIs from a single ad spot

Define your brand

Full-Page Takeover gives you the creative freedom to present your brand the way it should be, while tailoring your advert to meet your campaign goals.

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