Outstream Video Advertising

A powerful and effective way to engage a mobile audience

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Maximum engagement and viewability for guaranteed brand lift

Outstream video ads combine high-visibility video, engaging media and effective calls to action with a native experience that drives performance and increases brand favorability.

Bosch – Amazon Original Series

How it works

Your outstream campaign is placed across the AdSpruce premium publisher network. When the target user visits an AdSpruce publisher, they will be presented with an outstream banner in line with the content of the page. When the ad placement is in view, the video automatically plays and the user engages with the advert, if the user scrolls and the ad is cut off or out of view, the video stops playing. The user is given the option to close the ad at any time, ensuring a great user experience, maximum engagement and qualified click-throughs.

Complete Creative Control Of Your Mobile Advert

Complete creative control

With this engaging and attractive ad format, you have complete creative control over what the user is presented with. Choose whether the video ad will feature a companion banner with or without click-through options. Our innovative Dynamic End Card can also be shown after the advert ends, heightening engagement and increasing the possibility of click-throughs.

Enhanced Mobile Video Advertising User-Experience

The benefits

  • Engaging, high-visibility video advertising
  • Dynamic End Card can be added for superior interactivity
  • Drive users to multiple landing pages from a single ad
  • High-quality brand messaging delivered via premium websites
  • Option for users to close the ad
  • You only pay for viewable impressions

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