Pre-Roll Mobile Video

Full-screen advertising on premium publishers

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Interactive advertising
for immediate brand attention

Clickable on most and trackable on ALL internet-enabled devices, this high-performance ad format allows advertisers and brands to reach audiences globally, including developing markets, with brand-building campaigns on premium long-form inventory.

Interactive Video Mobile Advertising – Pre-roll With AdSpruce

How it works

Using our native ad serving technology, AdSpruce will dynamically stitch your pre-roll video advertisement into the beginning of premium live and linear video streams across our publisher network.

Interactive Mobile Video Dynamic End Cards


Displayed at the end of video ads, Adspruce’s high-impact end card drives consumers to any point of action. This engaging and interactive feature includes myriad calls to actions including: visits to social media or landing pages, app downloads, click to call, click to buy and more. AdSpruce's proprietary iEndCard allows you to reach and exceed any campaign objective or KPI.

iEndCard breakdown

Replay Video Full-screenDownload The Martian On iTunes

Mobile video advert finishes

After the mobile video advert plays the iEndCard will appear.

Calls to action

Engaging and interactive calls to actions appear within the end card that can lead to social media, landing pages, app downloads, click to call, click to buy and more.

Additional creative

Make your advert more effective and engaging by adding additional video assets to your campaign.

Full-Screen Premium Mobile Video Advertising With AdSpruce

The benefits

  • Full-screen advertising on premium publishers
  • Your brand directly in the hands of the consumer
  • Clickable on some and trackable on all internet-enabled devices
  • Brand-building campaigns on premium long-form inventory
  • Average completion rate of 87%
  • Reach audiences in new and developing markets

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