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AdSpruce’s unique video banner solution delivers high-visibility advertising with effective KPI-driven calls to action, driving users to your POS and proving ROI.

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How Video Banner Works
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How it works

Your video is placed inside a rich-media, click-to-view video banner within our publisher network. When users visit the page, they will see a video preview that plays (without audio) in the banner. To increase user engagement, advertisers can add links to social media pages or add further interactivity with an AdSpruce iEndCard.

Increase User Engagement With Social Media Links

Customise your ad with over 30 different calls to action

Customise your video campaign with multiple calls to action, enabling you to interact and connect with a wide consumer base and fulfill multiple KPIs. Choose from over 30 different click-through options, from social media links to app stores such as iTunes or Google Play, plus options for the user to add a product to basket or even a click to call.

Rich-Media Call To Action Mobile Video Advertising

The benefits

  • Guaranteed engagement and performance
  • Track banner video views and full-screen views
  • Full-screen video advertising on click
  • Customisable links to drive social engagement and increase social signals for your brand
  • Highly engaging as it is user-initiated
  • Works on all internet-enabled mobile devices from feature phones on 2.5G to tablets on 4G
  • Click-through option after the video has played ensuring maximum brand awareness and reach

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