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User-friendly advertising on premium publishers

Bigger isn’t always better. Create user-conscious ad campaigns that drive brand messaging, views and clicks through responsible, non-intrusive advertising.

How it works

When a user visits one of the many sites within the AdSpruce Publisher Network, your video slides into view, overlaying the content of the page. When the video is completed, the player is replaced with a click-through banner that allows users to further engage with your advert.

Closable at any time, this lightweight, ultra-quick ad spot gives users the power to choose the level at which they want to interact with your brand, providing you with only the most qualified clicks and views.

Enhanced Mobile Video Advertising User-Experience

The benefits

  • User-conscious advertising
  • Low data footprint
  • AdSpruce is the only provider to offer genuine in-line autoplay video on iOS devices
  • Superior device compatibility

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