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Most popular publisher and advertiser questions

  • What ad formats do you run on publisher websites?

    We offer pre-roll, in-line banner and sticky banner ad spots. Our pre-roll ad spot allows for any link on your mobile website to be monetised. Our rich, media video banner ad spots are easily integrated.

  • What insights can I see on the Publisher Dashboard?

    When you sign up as an AdSpruce publisher, we give you access to your own web based reports dashboard. Our publisher dashboard covers all of the metrics you need to make important decisions about your business including the number of views you have delivered and the revenue you have generated.

  • How are the AdSpruce ads enabled?

    Our team of skilful developers have created simple and safe methods of serving ads on your mobile website. The quickest and simplest method is our Ad-tag solution, which is used to insert in-line video banners anywhere on your website. AdSpruce’s SDK is also simple to integrate and allows for pre-roll and sticky banner ads to be served on your site(s). Once you have the ad-tag or SDK installed we will start to serve video ads to your site and you’ll start to make money.

  • How can I sign up as a publisher?

    Easy, just visit our Monetise page, enter your email address and fill in the short form. Once you’re approved we’ll get you started with the Publisher Dashboard and you can start monetising your site.

  • How long does it take to be approved as a publisher?

    We aim to give approval as quickly as possible. At maximum, it can take up to one working day.

  • How often do I get paid?

    AdSpruce publishers are paid on a net 60 day basis and once your account has accumulated £100.

  • Are there any sign up costs or hidden fees?

    Quite simply no. You won’t have to pay us a penny to become an AdSpruce publisher.

  • Are there any specifications for my video ad creative?

    We recommend using a HD video that has a length of anywhere between 15-30 seconds. We encode each of the videos we receive on our AdSpruce Advertising Platform so that they are optimised for viewing on various screen sizes.

  • How long does it take my ads to be approved using the self-serve Campaign Wizard?

    We know this is a fast-paced industry which is why we aim to get your video campaign approved as quickly as possible. If you are a new client of AdSpruce, you can expect approval within one working day.

  • What is IAB VAST compatibility?

    The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) set up the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) as a way to ensure transparent and clear reporting across publisher networks. The IAB defines being VAST compliant as, “Publishers who are VAST compliant self-attest that they have implemented the standard XML-based ad response for In-Stream video ad serving, as well as the XML Schema Definition (“XSD”) for developers.”

  • How do I set up an advertising insertion order (IO) with AdSpruce?

    You can set up an insertion order (IO) by getting in touch with a member of our sales team. Just send an email to and someone will get right back to you.