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Generate more revenue
from your HTML5 game

The unique AdSpruce mobile web SDK allows game developers to generate more revenue than ever before from their HTML5 games on the mobile web. Through the AdSpruce Native Ad Serving Platform, games developers are now fully equipped to pursue ad-funded revenue models for any game on the mobile web and capitalise on the higher eCPM rates of premium video advertising.

Level Up Your HTML5 Game Revenue

How it works

After taking a few minutes to implement our mobile web SDK, simply add our ad code to the parts of your game that you would like to monetise. When users play your game, they will be shown short, relevant video adverts at a point of your choosing. After watching a video advert the user is sent back to the game to continue playing. The high-quality, premium video ad campaigns we deliver for the world’s top brands offer higher eCPM rates than standard banner advertising, allowing you to increase your revenue and grow your business.

AdSpruce SDK

Advert placement in your hands

Monetise your game without ruining the user experience.
The AdSpruce SDK allows you to add as many or as little ads to your game as you choose.

HTML5 Game Monetisation

You are in control

You take full control over where you want adverts to appear, allowing you to tailor the gameplay experience to your liking and find the perfect balance between monetisation and user experience.

Step by step demonstration

Take a look at the example below of where you could insert adverts into your game and increase your revenue.

Monetise Your Game With Pre-Roll Mobile Video

Step 1

Monetise every user with a Pre-Roll video advert before the game begins.

HTML5 Game Level 1

Step 2

User enjoys their first section of play.

Add Video Adverts Between Levels

Step 3

Add a video advert between levels if you want users to see more adverts.

HTML5 Mobile Game Level 2

Step 4

User enjoys their second section of play.

Add Video Adverts At The End Of Gameplay

Step 5

Add a video advert at the end of a session as the user exits your game.

Why choose AdSpruce?

Publisher network

AdSpruce has a network of mobile website publishers across the world and an exciting demographic range. We work with some of the biggest branded sites in Europe and Asia and link them directly to huge advertising campaigns. Advertisers and Publishers get best value from AdSpruce's mobile video advertising ecosystem.


Our tracking technology across more mobile devices than anyone else means we can get the best fill rates and the best payment rates on the mobile web.

Premium ads

When you partner with AdSpruce you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the ads or their relevance to your audience. Our campaigns are targeted by interest, locations, platform and more. We keep campaigns relevant and audiences happy.

Fill rates

We have been delivering video ads for some of the world’s leading brands and Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, Cadburys and Coca Cola. When you choose AdSpruce to partner with, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the ads delivered on your website. Our goal is to monetise 100% of your mobile web traffic at the highest possible rates.

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