Introducing AdSpruce ADK 2.0

Featuring new ad formats and monetisation tools for publishers

The world’s most advanced mobile web monetisation solution

Turn every user into a paying user through mobile web optimised video ads and advanced inventory management.

AdSpruce ADK – Flexible Monetisation

Monetisation to fit
your needs

ADK 2.0 gives publishers a range of integration options and provides the flexibility to choose the level of advertising you want on your site.

Maximise the value of your inventory

Maximise the value of
your inventory

In addition to programmatic technologies, innovative video ad formats and premium ad serving, the AdSpruce ADK provides yield optimisation by enabling your inventory to be sold programmatically via real-time bidding platforms and sold directly from partnerships with over 100 different demand sources including direct preferred partnerships with leading agencies and trading desks globally. We sell ads directly and via partners from over 34 offices globally covering demand sources from every corner of the globe.

Monetisation to fit your needs

The benefits

  • AdSpruce is the only mobile ad network that can monetise web inventory on over 15,000 devices
  • Monetise any link on any webpage
  • Make more money from your existing banner inventory
  • Full control over how and where ads appear
  • Enhance the quality of your site through rich-media sight, sound and motion from the world’s top brands
  • Lightweight, data-optimised ads ensure fast video delivery without affecting site load times
  • Access to hundreds of demand sources

The complete revenue solution

Leverage the latest in mobile technologies to monetise an increasingly mobile-only audience.


Lightweight and powerful

Monetise your site within minutes and get instant access to direct ad spend from hundreds of buyers.


Complete monetisation control

Fine tune and control multiple spots from a single tag. Define how often, when and where you want to show ads to your users.


Multi-site monetisation

Create revenue, manage and monitor ad spots across multiple websites and content networks through one account.


Advanced mobile analytics

Monitor your website performance and get insight into your users while maximising your revenue stream.

Turn data into revenue

Turn data into revenue

Featuring premium analytics, verified end-to-end tracking and real-time data aggregation, the ADK 2.0 Publisher dashboard is the only mobile web optimised publisher platform that includes all of the metrics and data intelligence needed to understand your users and improve the revenue performance of your mobile website.

Instant Play Video Ads

Instant-play video ads, happier users, more revenue

Featuring advanced video streaming technology, the AdSpruce ADK 2.0 provides lightning-fast ad response times with a low-data overhead. Provide your audience with the best possible user experience while maximising your revenue opportunities.

Make money now

AdSpruce is the only mobile ad network that can monetise
your website on over 15,000 devices