AnyScreen Lander

Drive your audience to one creative via any marketing channel

All-in-One, End-to-End marketing platform

AnyScreen Lander gives marketers all of the tools needed to measure, attract, engage and convert users.

AnyScreen Lander – Consistent Advertising

Consistent advertising

AnyScreen Lander allows marketers to create a consistent advertising experience across any mobile platform and measure the REAL value of their ad spend.

Maximise the value of your inventory

Inbound marketing intelligence

AnyScreen Lander is the world’s only made-for-mobile, multi-channel marketing platform that gives marketers the power to drive, track and measure users to a single landing page.

AnyScreen Lander Inbound Marketing Intelligence

The benefits

  • Multi-channel marketing funnelled into a single landing page
  • A consistent brand experience across all platforms
  • Responsive, dynamic creative across any platform or device
  • Measure the real-term value of marketing across any platform, including email, SMS, SocMed, digital media and traditional media media and traditional media
  • Maintain full control of the ad experience
  • Improve mobile conversion rates

Multiple channels, one platform

Comprehensive technology to prove and measure marketing success

Rich data

Get actionable metrics and insights on ads distributed via exchanges, networks & SSPs in one place.

Guaranteed viewability

All AdSpruce ads include verified viewability to guarantee that you only pay for ads that are seen by a real audience.

Superior tracking

Unparalleled tracking in one dashboard including entry point management, channel tracking, device, geo and more.