Hot Analytics

A high-end analytics platform for the mobile web

Hot Analytics – High-end Analytic Platform

Find the real value in your campaign

AdSpruce Hot Analytics® is the premier mobile web focused video insights platform. Through the use of 1st-party advertising data, Hot Analytics provides brands and metrics with insightful, actionable metrics and ad campaign feedback.

Premium Data Management

Premium Data Management

AdSpruce gives brands and advertisers verified end-to-end tracking and real-time data aggregation including 1st-party, client device and server-side analytics. Hot Analytics is the only data platform that provides comprehensive insight into mobile web video campaign performance and effectiveness.

Data that works for you

Comprehensive technology to prove and measure marketing success


Rich Data

Combine 1st-party web data with core audience & brand metrics to track and measure the performance of your campaigns across all mobile platforms.


Understand your audience

Leverage unique audience and brand feedback data to understand how users are engaging with your ad campaign.


Optimise ad spend

Leverage in-depth campaign statistics to fine tune the conversion of your campaign and use ad budget more effectively.