HTML5 Ad Studio

Next-generation ad creative

Unique. Fresh. Exciting

Powered by the bespoke HTML5 Ad Studio, AdSpruce has unlocked the potential of mobile web creative, allowing brands to run advanced, high-performance advertising and engage with audiences in a fresh, exciting and unique way.

Cross-platform creative

With unparalleled device support and guaranteed viewability, the AdSpruce HTML5 Ad Studio is the next evolution in lightweight, rich-media advertising creative.

Craft an Experience, Make an Impression

Why your creative matters

Ad creative is the key to ad effectiveness. Great creatives create a memorable, engaging and impactful ad experience, providing lift to brand recall and brand sentiment while ultimately leading to more efficient and cost-effective ad spend.

Tablet Specific HTML5 Video Advertising

Craft an experience, make an impression

Both dynamic and engaging, HTML5 Ad Studio uses the latest in web development and ad serving technologies to create a high-performance, platform-agnostic experience across tablets and smartphones while ensuring lightweight performance and lightning-fast ad delivery.

Advanced tracker compatibility

A marketing campaign is only as strong as the metrics and insights you get back from it.
Without this valuable feedback you are unable to make the right decisions for your brand or your audience.

Robust tracking

Our HTML5 solution can track a wide range of metrics, from plays, average view times and completed views to clicks, share, actions and more.

Transparent reporting

At AdSpruce, we can tell you who is watching your video, where they are, when they watch, how long they watch and the actions they take.

Meet your goals

We give you all of the information you need to adjust your campaign for the best results and to meet your goals.