Unparalleled interactivity for mobile video

Made for mobile

An increasingly mobile audience demands more interactive advertising. Immerse your audience in the most powerful made-for-mobile, interactive brand experience on the mobile web.

iEndCard – Interactive Mobile Adverts

Create more revenue

This responsive, cross-platform technology allows brands and advertisers to provide multiple CTAs inside a single ad space as a post-roll sales opportunity which can be used to support additional brand messaging, drive social media engagement, cross sell products and much more.

Video Evolved

Video evolved

iEndCard gives brands and advertisers the opportunity to add more to their video campaigns. Through AdSpruce’s iEndCard technology, advertisers are reaping the benefits of a high-performance, KPI-optimised additional salespoint in their video campaigns.

Engage and Deliver performance

The benefits

  • Social signal propagation
  • Multiple product upsell/cross-sell from a single creative
  • Traffic driving to multiple landing pages
  • A/B Testing for multiple brand touchpoints
  • Multi-source content promotion
  • Product tours

Engage and deliver performance

Featuring up to 4 interactive elements with integrated social media engagements, the iEndCard gives brands
the creative flexibility to provide a secondary level of engagement with endless marketing possibilities

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Mobile video advert finishes

After the mobile video advert plays the dynamic end card will appear.

Calls to action

Engaging and interactive calls to actions appear within the end card that can lead to social media, landing pages, app downloads, click to call, click to buy and more.

Additional creative

Make your advert more effective and engaging by adding additional video assets to your campaign.