The fastest, most effective way to buy video ads directly and programmatically

An all-in-one buying platform

Powered by the proprietary AdSpruce technology stack, VideoDax gives advertisers all of the creative, ad-serving, tracking and reporting tools necessary to deliver a high-performance video ad campaign.

VideoDax – Buy Video Adverts Direct

Reach your audience

VideoDax provides brands and agencies with the fastest route to market for any video advertising campaign across over 15,000 mobile devices.

Simply Powerful

Simply powerful

This exclusive buying platform gives advertisers direct access to the AdSpruce premium publisher network, enabling programmatic buying of exclusive inventory that can’t be bought directly via any other network.

All in one buying platform

The benefits

  • Choose an ad format that suits you from our catalogue of engaging spots.
  • Complete budget control, you decide how much you want to spend.
  • Get ads published on some of the world's top websites.
  • Get real time analytics with our Hot Analytics dashboard and see how your campaign is performing.
  • Vertical, Device and Geo targeting, making sure your ad gets seen by the right users.

Data that works for you

Comprehensive technology to prove and measure marketing success


Simple campaign set-up

Set your campaign up in minutes and take advantage of fast approval to get your campaign live as quickly as possible


Video-optimised ad serving

AdSpruce’s worldwide distributed CDN uses adaptive streaming technologies for lightning-fast, local content delivery


Optimise ad spend

Leverage in-depth campaign statistics to fine tune the conversion of your campaign and use ad budgets more effectively.


Gather Rich Data

Combine 1st party web data with core audience & brand metrics to track and measure the performance of your campaigns.